No one is likely to come to the defence of Bath's Kingsmead House,The Lumineers tickets particularly if time has been served in its dingy dole office clutching a UB40. One of the worst examples of post-war architecture inflicted on the city during 'The Sack of Bath', the building is wholly out of scale and sympathy with its Georgian neighbours.seo london Its proposed demolition is therefore to be welcomed.

That shouldn't be an excuse to accept anything as a replacement, though, simply because it's an improvement on what went before or because some of its surviving neighbours are equally out of scale and sympathy. Any new building or buildings should, in line with PPS5, make "a positive contribution to the character and local distinctiveness wayback machine alternative of the historic environment" particularly, in this location, the setting of Green Park Station.

Instead the developers seem to have decided to try for the largest possible building they can cram onto the site; whereas Kingsmead House has a volume of about 17,000 cubic metres their behemoth weighs in at around 37,000 cubic metres. Nor does the design and scale seo hosting make any attempt to complement the three and four storey Grade II houses that will face it across Charles Street.

As part of this application the developer includes a 'statement of community involvement', a community that apparently consisted of only 29 people. This web site is lion king tickets therefore offered with the aim of encouraging a greater response from both the local community and further afield.

For information about submitting book of mormon tickets a comment on the planning application . Also feel free to use the to tell others what you think.

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Top: the existing building.
Centre: Although the height is reduced the proposed
replacement completely fills the development site.